Santa Rosa Island Triathlon

Bicycle Course Requirements For All Athletes

The Santa Rosa Island Triathlon is a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event and is governed by the USAT Competitive Rules. These rules mandate that all cyclists ride on the far right of all roads on the bicycle course. You MUST ride single-file and you must maintain a distance of 23 feet (or more) between you and other cyclists.

Passing must be accomplished quickly and can only be done on the left-hand side of the bicycle being passed. There can be no passing on the right of another cyclist. There can be no riding abreast. There can be no drafting. There are penalties for violations of these rules, but much more importantly, safety on the roads must be a priority. Have a great race and be safe!!

USAT Sanctioned Event.

USAT Sanctioned Event.

6 Responses to “Bicycle Course Requirements For All Athletes”

  1. Shana Watley says:

    I am interested in signing up for the SRITRI for 2014 and would like to know the dates! Thank you!

  2. Charles says:

    The 2014 Santa Rosa Island Triathlon will be run on October 4th.

  3. Jeff says:

    You have the holiday inn listed in one section and the Hampton in another for packet pickup. Can you clarify which place and give the address?

  4. Charles says:

    The Holiday Inn Resort on Via De Luna is the correct location for the Expo/Packet Pickup.

  5. Lee Pettis says:

    It was stated that Active was going to send out an email. I have not received that email. I’ve rechecked the confirmation email that I received. Is there anywhere on the site that list participants?

  6. Charles says:

    We stated that we were sending out blast emails either via or constant contact. They are still our emails and will be titled in that manner. We sent one on September 22nd and are sending one today, October 1st. There is a participants list on our page where you registered which lists all the athletes who allow their names to be publicly viewed. You can always log into your account at and view your registrations.

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